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On-Page SEO Checker

Founding critical technical on-page SEO issues, easily improve your web pages performance

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Check SEO elements on the page

To evaluate the quality of internal optimization, it is important to check the following factors: page size, description, meta title, h1-h6 tags, HTTP status code, URL structure, display in search results. These are all the main tasks of SEO-analysis of web page.

Finding issues slowing down your web page

Avoid large images or images without titles and alt attributes. Using high-quality, small-sized images with the right alt tags can help your site perform better and get more organic traffic.

Check Technical SEO issues

It's hard to find technical SEO errors, but they can occur frequently. The following mistakes can significantly hinder the promotion of your site. On-page SEO analysis is your winning move for better on-page optimization.

Check the mobile friendliness of the web page and the on-page SEO score.

You should run a site speed test for web pages on mobile and desktop devices. You can get information about page quality from the results of Google Page Speed report. In order to make certain web pages mobile-friendly, you should review SEO site review guidelines. This will help increase the visibility of a particular web page to search engines and users.

Checkup all external and internal links found on the page

It is important to monitor the quantity and quality of internal and external links. The same procedure should be followed with reference to HTTP status codes and anchors. Our on-page SEO checker tool can make your job easier. All broken links should be fixed.
  • Checkup web page meta tags
  • Validate HTML Headers H1-H6
  • Validate web page structure
  • Analyze on-page microdata
  • Check page loading speeds

How to make SEO checkup

  • Enter the URL address of the web page for which you want to make an SEO analysis.
  • Click the “Check“ button. On-Page SEO Checker will automatically make checks for all issues on the web page.
  • Wait for the operation to complete.
  • A list with the issues will appear immediately after checking is completed.
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