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Analyze domain age, registration date and owner name

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  • Check domain age
  • Quick way to analyze the owner name of domain
  • Getting the date of domain register

How to check domain age

  • Enter the Domain name
  • Click the "Check" button. The tool will automatically make check domain age
  • The result list will appear as a list immediately after analyze complete.


What is Domain Age?

The age of a domain is the difference between the date the domain was first registered and its current date. It refers to the amount of time a domain name has been in existence. Simply put, this is the age of the domain.

Why is it important to check domain age?

Over time, domain age has become an important factor in ranking pages in search results. Because the older a domain gets, the more credibility and authority it achieves from a search engine perspective.

The second reason why it is important to know the age of a domain?

There is a high chance that a legacy domain has a high backlink profile because that domain has been around for a long period of time. The domain owner can make an effort to get quality backlinks. Having a solid backlink profile always helps you rank higher on Google.

Website Age Checker for SEO & Google Ranking?

There has been a certain amount of debate about exactly how the age of a given domain contributes to your ability to rank higher. The testing and experience of optimizers paints a clear picture that older domain age is marginally better in the ranking fight. In fact, Google has even shed some light on the importance of domain age, although as expected they still keep the cards to themselves.

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