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DNS Lookup

DNS Lookup tool lets you query DNS servers and get instant results.

Enter the URL in the format:

  • Fast DNS Queries: Instantly obtain website IP addresses.
  • Supports different types of requests: A, MX, CNAME and others.
  • Geolocation of servers: Determining the location of DNS servers.
  • Security Check: Assessing vulnerabilities in DNS records.

How to make DNS lookup

  • Enter the Domain name
  • Click the "Check" button. The tool will automatically make check your name in the different root domains.
  • The result list will appear as a list immediately after DNS lookup will complete.


How to use DNS Lookup?

Enter the domain, select the request type and get the IP address.

What types of DNS queries are supported?

A, MX, CNAME, NS and others are supported.

What server information is available?

View DNS server geolocation information.

How is security ensured?

Vulnerabilities in DNS records are checked for safe use.

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