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Robots.txt Validator

Validate your current robots.txt file, check restriction and accessibility page for crawlers.


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Robots.txt Validator

It is a powerful tool to validate and validate robots.txt files to ensure proper indexing and interaction with search crawlers.

One of the key features of our Robots.txt Checker is file validation. We offer the option to upload a robots.txt file for automatic compliance checking and error detection. Our tool scans the contents of a file and provides detailed reports on any inconsistencies, erroneous directives, or incorrect syntax. This will help you troubleshoot issues and ensure your robots.txt file is working properly.

Another useful feature of our validator is indexing analysis. We provide reports on how crawlers are indexing your site based on instructions in the robots.txt file. You will be able to see which pages or sections are blocked, which ones are being indexed, and receive recommendations for improving indexing. This will help you optimize your robots.txt file and improve your site's visibility in search engines.

If you have doubts about the correctness of your instructions in the robots.txt file, we offer a function to check the instructions. With our validator, you can simulate how robots interact with your file and see how they interpret your instructions. This will help you make sure that the robots process your robots.txt file correctly and do not block important pages or content.

In addition, we provide recommendations for optimizing your robots.txt file. Our tool is based on search engine best practices and recommendations, and we can offer you tips to optimize your file. You will be able to create a more efficient and correct robots.txt file, which will improve your site's indexing and help increase your search visibility.

Using our Robots.txt Validator, you will be sure that your robots.txt file is correct and will be able to optimize the indexing of your site by search engines as much as possible. Our intuitive and easy to use web application will save you time and effort when checking and optimizing your robots.txt file. Join us and improve your website indexing with Robots.txt Validator!
  • File validation: Checking robots.txt for compliance with standards and identifying possible errors.
  • Indexing Analysis: Track how search engine crawlers are indexing your site and identify problem areas.
  • Bug fixes: Help detect and fix errors in the robots.txt file for optimal indexing.
  • Instruction Testing: Simulate how robots interact with your file, verifying how instructions work.

How to validate Robots.txt

  • Enter the domain URL or put the Robots.txt content in the text box.
  • Push the "Validate robots.txt" button.
  • The result will appear as a list immediately after validation complete.


What is robots.txt validation?

Robots.txt Checker shows if the robots.txt blocks Google crawlers from certain URLs on your site. For example, you can use this tool to check if the Googlebot crawler can crawl the URL of the content you want to block in Google Search.

What happens if you don't use a robots.txt file?

If you don't have a robots.txt file in your website's root directory, search engine crawlers won't be able to find it. As a result, they will assume that they are allowed to crawl your entire site.

What is the limit of a robot txt file?

Google enforces a 500 KB (KB) robots.txt file size limit. Content that exceeds the maximum file size is ignored. You can reduce the size of robots.

Is Robots.txt mandatory?

Robots.txt is not required for the website. If a bot visits your site and it doesn't have one, it will simply crawl your site and index the pages as usual. Robots.txt is only needed if you want more control over what gets scanned.

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