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Robots.txt Generator

Generate valid robots.txt file online in seconds.

Search Robots:
The path is relative to root and must contain a trailing slash "/"
  • Setting default behavior for crawler
  • Customizing behavior for the most popular crawler
  • Set up sitemap.xml path
  • Setting up paths that should be closed to the crawler
  • Configure Crawl-Delay for crawler

How to generate Robots.txt

  • Enter the default behavior for all crawlers
  • Choose behavior for different search crawlers
  • Define Restricted Directories
  • Set Up path for sitemap.xml file
  • Click the "Generate" button. The tool will automatically generate a new robots.txt file.
  • The result list will appear as a list immediately after generating complete.


What Is a robots.txt file?

The robots.txt file is a really simple text file. Its main function is to prevent some search engine crawlers like Google from crawling and indexing content on a website for SEO. If you're not sure if your website or your client's website has a robots.txt file, it's easy to check: just type You will find either an error page or a plain format page.

How do I create a robots.txt?

There's different ways to create a robots.txt file. You can create it from your: Content Management System, Computer after which you upload it through your web server, Manual build and upload to Webserver.

What Is robot.txt in SEO?

The first file that the search engine bots look at is the text file of the robot, if it is not found, then there is a high probability that the crawlers will not index all the pages of your site. This tiny file can be changed later when you add more pages with a little instructions, but make sure you don't add the master page to the disallow directive. Google runs on a crawl budget; this budget is based on the scan limit.

Difference between a sitemap.xml and a robots.txt file

A sitemap is vital for all websites as it contains useful information for search engines. The sitemap tells the bots how often you update your website, what content your site provides. Its main purpose is to notify search engines of all the pages on your site that need to be crawled, while the robotics text file is for search robots. It tells the crawlers which page to crawl and which not to. The sitemap is necessary for your site to be indexed, but the txt of the robot is not (if you do not have pages that do not need to be indexed).

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