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Online CSS Minifier. Minify CSS to optimize code and make your website smaller and faster!

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A Perfect Way to Minify CSS

CSS Minifier is a free online application to do the CSS code minification. Minification is a technique of removing all unnecessary characters from the source code of markup languages without changing its functionality. It has become a standard practice in the world of web development.

CSS files are often larger than they need to be. Minifying CSS code can improve your page load performance. CSS Minifier decreases the size of the source CSS code, making its transmission over the Internet more effective.

Our CSS Minifier removes whitespaces, all comments, the last semi-colon of a style declaration and extra semi-colons, units when using zero values, the leading 0 if a float value is lower than one. CSS Minifier changes RGB color values and color values by Name to a shorter hexadecimal format. Websites with higher load speed are placed greater in search engine ranking. Minifying CSS files will decrease your page load time, thereby improving SEO optimization and providing a better user experience.

This CSS minification tool allows to compress CSS code without any side effects. Use CSS Minifier now for free. Minify CSS so your browser can read it faster!
  • Quick and secure way to minify CSS code and improve your page load speed
  • High Performance & High Quality
  • Reduce CSS file size and improve SEO optimization
  • Changes RGB color values to a shorter hexadecimal format
  • No limits, no registration and software installation
  • Your files' safety is our priority
  • Works from your favorite device

How to Minify CSS

  • Enter the source CSS code to the text area “Source code“: copy the CSS code and paste it to the text field. Also, you can upload the CSS file from a local file system.
  • Push the “Minify“ button. Wait for the minifying process to complete. The result will appear in the text field.
  • Take the resulting CSS from the text area: select its content or push the “Copy to Clipboard“ button.


What does it mean to minify style sheets?

CSS minification is a process of removing unnecessary or redundant data in CSS code without affecting how the browser processes the code. Minification is an optimization best practice that can deliver a significant website performance boost. CSS Minifier safely removes unnecessary characters, such as comments, whitespaces, and indentation. It leads to decreasing file size without affecting how the browser processes styles. Minification dramatically improves site speed and accessibility, directly translating into a better user experience.

How can I use CSS Minifier?

You just need to copy your CSS code and paste it into the “Source code“ text field. Also, you can upload the CSS file from a local file system. Click the “Minify“ button. The result will appear in the text field. Minification is one of the major components of SEO optimization; it reduces file sizes and improves your site pages load speed. Use the CSS Minifier to minify your CSS code!

How long does it take to minify my CSS?

CSS Minifier works fast. You can process your CSS code in a few seconds.

How can minified CSS help in SEO?

Minifying CSS is one of the basic optimizations you need to do in order to make your website or App search engine and user-friendly. CSS files minifying saves some time off your website's page load speed, which is essential for SEO optimization and moving search engine ranking. Reduce your CSS file size and improve SEO!

Can I minify CSS code on Linux, Mac OS or Android?

Yes, you can use this free application on any operating system with a web browser. Our minification tool works online and does not require any software installation. CSS Minifier works well on Windows, MAC, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

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