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Paraphrasing Tool Text File

Online Paraphrasing Tool allows you to paraphrase your Text File document for free!

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  • Fast and free paraphrase of your Text File file
  • Built-in converter to popular formats
  • Paraphrasing the Text File file while preserving its meaning

How to paraphrase Text File

  • Upload or drag the Text File documents you want to paraphrase
  • If necessary, select the file format you want to get the Text File file to after paraphrasing
  • Save the file to your device


How many Text File files can be paraphrased at a time?

Yes, you can upload a maximum of 10 paraphrase files at a time.

What supports languages Paraphrasing Tool Text File?

The Paraphrasing Tool Text File currently only supports English.

How long does it take to paraphrase Text File files?

Paraphrasing Text File depends on quantity files to be paraphrased and the number of characters in each file.

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